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February 06, 2009


David Armano

"turns out we all have the capacity to be visual thinkers - some of us just need a little more help than others."

Well said. That's really it—most people don't even try to take the steps you did. You sketched out your idea in two mediums before bringing in a "professional". Had you not taken those steps, the visual would never had happened.

One question. How is "my social graph" different from things like Twitter, Facebook etc. It's treated the same but isn't it a combination of all of the above?

Regardless, nicely done!

Paul McEnany

Nice stuff!

Reminds me a lot of this ugly white board I did awhile back -->

From this:

But yours looks awesome. And is actually, you know, thought out. :)


@armano thanks for the comment, the social graph encapsulates all those things. I'll send you the file and you can give it whatever treatment you want. ;)

@paul - great post, love "It's a brand new day for advertising, but more so, it's a brand new day for people."

Mat Morrison

I'm not sure that I totally believe in this. Why are "online advertising" (which I think means something like "ad banners, pop-ups, interstitials, pre-rolls, paid search, site sponsorships, email marketing, direct SMS et al.) and "online media" (which I think means "pretty much anything on a computer screen) closer to me as a consumer than "traditional media"?

You write that traditional media is "less effective at penetrating [my] message shield in a way ... that actually impacts my purchase decision" -- where you appear to mean "less effective than a banner or pop-up."

That feels like a big conceptual leap without a lot of evidence to back it up -- and rather a lot to contradict it. Is it in fact a leap of faith?

Nice final graphic though!

Aden Davies

Great stuff...this would slot in nicely to a presentation I have to give next week! Can it be used?

Also any idea what tools the Pros used to create it? I am stuck with powerpoint at work at the moment...

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