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February 07, 2009



I love both examples. I think what's key to both of these being successful WOM examples is that in each case, the person had something interesting to share (versus, "Hey we just launched a new line of paper towels, and now I'll do something wacky to make you interested.").

The Bill Gates thing is genius! The Dominos example is just downright funny!

James S. Walker

I thought Bill Gates was out of control but effective, and the Dominos CEO was simply amazing - timely, funny, direct and effective!

You got it just right: WOM gold!


You have to understand. I went into marketing because I watched the superbowl and said "I can come up with better commercials thatn that!"

But, that Dominoes commercial just rocked my socks off. I had to laugh out loud and make my husband come watch.



This reminds me of when Pizza Hut and Papa Johns went to battle over "freshness."

Even if Domino's is lying, they've already won - people will remember this kind of advertising...and not the truth.

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