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February 14, 2009



Wait, you like Ketchup? WTF?! This isn't the mayolady blog?


P.S. Dear Heinz. I love ketchup too.

Catch Up Lady

Ian, can you get Henry into public schools by 2/28 so we can enter this contest through him?

Steve Ashby

It's slashby from the Intel presentation (stayed til the end...only one :) I only made it to the first sentence and had to run out for a burger. Our first Five Guys just opened and I tried it Monday for the first time...I'm in guy-love with all Five Guys!

Catchup Man

i dont remember any onlookers (other than myself) looking at you curiously...false!


Incorrect! I got a questionable glance from the woman refilling the napkin dispenser, as well as the dude at the soda machine. Ass.

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