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November 06, 2008


Steve Woodruff

You just made my day. Thanks for the kind words. I owe you a ketchup packet or 3 now!

Virginia Miracle

The temptation to ignore my Google reader is sometimes very, very powerful because it requires so much of my attention to engage. Twitter and my Facebook "feed" are the McDonald's of social media. The only reason why following most of these people on Twitter is enjoyable is that I do know the depth of their work or know them personally. So the necessity to eat a well-balanced social media diet still exists.

On another note - how sad that it was hard to find something to blog about in Wired!


Back in July of this year, when Jason Calacanis announced his "retirement" from blogging, a lot bloggers followed suit and started asking themselves the question of the importance of the medium and blogged about it. Some agreed, others didn't. So this conversation has been going on for a while since then and I'm sure it has been going on before Calacanis.


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