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October 13, 2008



Enjoyed this post a lot (especially about the declining "service" on airlines)... But the overseas support for Obama bit...I'm from Australia and there is a huge interest in the presidential elections here. Because of the huge impact your country has globally. So while GWB has been your president for the last 8 years, by defacto, he has been ours in a way too. We can't vote in your elections, but they impact us. Our past idiot Prime Minister was one of the first to sign up for Bush's "coalition of the willing" which meant we still have troops in Iraq. Bush's participation in APEC held in Sydney last year meant that our city was in lock-down and a huge fence was placed around the venue to keep "noisy protesters" away from the president - disrupting the city for a week for people who live and work here. And I really love America (have lived and studied there, have good friends and family there, travel there frequently for work) but I have seen the reputation of your country dragged through the mud around the world because of your current administration. So forgive us if we visibly support a candidate, but can't vote. It may appear futile, but it's our little way of trying to help both us and you.

Catch Up Lady

Hi Kelly

Thanks for your comment - I certainly hope that my reference to Obama support abroad didn't come off as dismissive or sarcastic, as that was not my intention.

I really value the attention, support and enthusiasm that foreigners have for American politics. I'm always amazed when I travel abroad with how much people know about our political system and how it impacts worldwide affairs. I wish that Americans had the same curiosity and passion, then maybe more of them would agree with me! ;)


Thanks for the reply - appreciate it!

Fingers crossed for the election - we wait with baited breath!


Funny- regarding the bit on the residents of D.C. So true too!!

Claire Voiante

Well, my vote counted and I voted for Obama.

I am certainly excited about what an Obama presidency will bring to our beleaguered nation. He is very articulate to be sure, and seemingly has the intellect and composure to be successful in the highest office of the most powerful nation on earth. However, I am a little skeptical about his level of experience, alleged ties to unsavory organizations and religious affiliations. I voted for him, primarily because of bitterness at the incompetence of the Bush administration. I remain disenfranchised with America so far in the 21st Century, and came across a political graphic that does a fairly good job in capturing this sentiment.

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