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October 13, 2008


El Gaffney

so glad my love of weird al led me here. great post. i especially like your second idea of involving fans in choosing his next song parody. i think if he tries to position himself as the king of youtube parodies, it would feel forced. he's got the history with this form but the best know they don't need to go through him. they're possibly better off avoiding that move. don't want him to feel like hammer with dancejam. at least he'd be staying where the people/parodiers (new word) are rather than trying to create a new community for this interest.


Believe me, when it comes to staying connected to fans, Weird Al is all over that one. He has over 614,000 MySpace friends, and he maintains the page himself. He puts up our fan art and links to our fan videos of his songs on Many of the extras in his mega-hit White & Nerdy video were fans, recruited through a MySpace casting call. They had a wonderful time at the video shoot. And when he's on a concert tour, he does a lot of meeting and greeting, always gracious, friendly and attentive. And he REMEMBERS quite a few of us after we've turned up in several of those autograph lines. I doubt very much that Al will ever let fans get involved with any part of his actual creative process (except for the "extras" thing) for fear of opening himself up to the "you stole my idea" lawsuits, but I do expect that he will continue to maintain the closest possible ties to his fanbase, and we'll continue trooping round to his concerts and buying his stuff and just generally loving and respecting him, almost as much as he deserves.

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