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July 03, 2008




You bring the ketchup, I'll bring the beer.

Paul Heayn

Hey Kaitlyn,

A few months ago I saw your PRSA presentation on social media at Ogilvy’s office in DC [awesome job] and proceeded to add your blog to my RSS reader.

Anyway, I just got around to reading this post and read that Hershey's was measured at the top of brand equity, but that might change next year.

Over the past month there have been online discussions about candy companies who are unable to include the term “milk chocolate” on their packaging after they replaced cocoa butter with vegetable oil in their chocolate formulas. The comments are mostly negative with people saying, “I brought a bag of kisses last month, and it tasted like plastic.” [QuantumBrain, Digg]

Do you think there anything Hershey’s can do to save their brand from being tarnished with hundreds of negative comments on Digg, The Consumerist, ABC News, and The Candy Blog?

[I do not work for any Hershey's or any other candy company.]

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