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March 31, 2008



The highlight of the episode (although the whole thing was brilliant) had to be the shoutout to Doogie Howser at the end with him typing on his blog... that music is timeless!


I have a list. It's called a wedding certificate.

Catch Up Lady

@PRSlave - Um, totally. I can't believe they waited that long to do that. NPH really carries that show. I love Robin's plots too - they haven't done much with her yet.

@1-66 - nice.


I did hear a rumor that an upcoming episode was going to revisit the "Robin Sparkles" period, and that James Van Der Beek would be making an appearance.

Make of that what you will...

Catch Up Lady

Holy shit, I love James Van Der Beek! I hope they don't run the Robin Sparkles thing into the ground though...


Watch with Kristin usually knows what she's talking about:

My roommate sent that to me yesterday and I doublechecked the date to make sure it wasn't written on April 1 (one never knows the extent of April Fools Day jokes these days)...It seems like it may be true afterall (oh sweet Dawson's Creek goodness mixed with HIMYM?!?!?! my world just changed).


Also, for those that missed the Doogie shoutout:

youknowwhothisis is pretty money. I really love the imaginative titles they use for the porns and the creative drawings that I equate with a 5th grader....


This show came on after something else which I had been watching. A group of people were in a restaurant discussing their hamburgers. One said, 'This burger is so good I want to sew up my ass.'


I turned the show - and its advertisers - off and in my house that team will not be coming back on.

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