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November 19, 2007



What's wrong with Star Trek?



Before I was lucky enough to meet my husband, I dated a guy who "fudged" his age (side note - he was a graduate of HBS which I see from a previous post would have already put him on your dbag radar). Once I started to sense a timeline problem, I had another HBS alum look up graduation date online and that cross referenced with his exec bio made his lie blatantly obvious. I can handle older guys, however I'm not so fond of liars. Thank GOODness for the interwebs...

Catch Up Lady

@ Jetpack - I'm dying to make a "cool your jets" joke, but I can't get it to come out right. Cool your jet(pack)? Can jet be singular? Is it time to go home for vacation yet?

@VeeDubs - I hear you on the background check front - I'm dying to know the age discrepancy on the HBS guy! So far every guy I've seriously dated I've been able to get a confirmation of sanity on from a reliable source within 2 degrees. Though, the guy I dated for three years my source said was "kind of an ass." I don't know if that reflects poorly on his character judgment or mine?

New York Punk

They both look like psycho serial killers to me. And if I'm right, they probably worship Lord Cheney, in which case neither google nor any background check will be of any use.

Matthew Martin

A google based social filter will remove from the dating pool a disproportionate number of IT workers and digerati since they leave the largest trace on the internet. Axe-murderers and mouth breathers who don't blog, and scrupulously honest Mormons would benefit from this sort of google filtering.

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