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October 08, 2007



Kick - will you put on a cape (a beach towel is fine) and pose in front of the yacht like you are flying? I need a new pic of you for my fridge. thanks.


p.s. In Forbes' Annual 400 richest report 2007, Allen is listed as #19 (down from last year). "Toys include Octopus, a 413-foot yacht that contains 2 helicopters and a 60-foot submarine; large collection of vintage military aircraft." Along with the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers.
Hey K - he's single!


5 bones for 30 minutes.

Haven't heard the term "bones" used for dollars in ages. Thanks for the flashback.

I'm going to start saying bones again. Seriously.

Keep setting trends. Or reviving them.

Catch Up Lady

Franz - if I had thought of the cape pic I totally would have done it. I probably would have gotten taken down by the team of Nave SEALS that apparently guard the boat, but whatev - totally worth it.

Jetpacks - Bones is BACK! The other term I want to bring back is Psyche. (No really, I do.) this could be an interesting blog post...

Katie in St George's

He's here doing work with the Bio Station on reef protection, apparently.

I googled his trip to Bermuda and found your blog.

Speaking of Microsoft, it would be better to write out your email address rather than stick the Outlook link in there.

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