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August 20, 2007



Ohhh Catch Up Lady...I will have to forgive you for having "gotten into" Age of Love. That. show. was. awful. I'm personally offended that you even named it in the same sentence as The Bachelor (one of the greatest reality series of all time, even though it is in its kajillionth season). First of all Mark Philablabbityblah is so dumb, it hurt me to watch him. And, every conversation on that show was, like, totally, like, about, like, how, like, age, like, totally doesn't, like, matter...Vomiit. What About Brian, 1, Age of Love, -5.

As for Heidi and Mr. Toolbag himself, it is amazing to watch the trainwreck that is their relationship. How poetic was Heidi's paintjob in the last episode? That wasn't planned at all - "Heidi, we're gonna need you to start painting over this ugly ass graffiti" "PAINT? I DON'T PAINT!!" "Come on, Heidi, it'll make a REALLY poetic scene...Spencer, walk in on her and pretend you're surprised."

Someone told me they saw a side by side picture of Beavis and Spencer and that Spencer was a dead ringer. (See Team Sugar: ) It hit me like a ton of bricks...I had been trying to figure out for MONTHS who he looked like, and it's totally beavis. Mystery. Solved.

As for me, I've begun watching every episode of HIMYM's first season in preparation of the upcoming season opener. Haaaaave you met Ted?

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