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August 29, 2007


Don Willhoit

I just happened across your blog mid-game. A little over confident, don't you think?

Owen Maddux

To Kirkland Warbler,
You warbled too soon. The Mountaineers stuck it to you with southern grits. I can hear the folks in East Lansing and Columbus all the way down here. Too bad Y'ALL lost. Could this be a new rivalry?

Maddie's Dad


Oh, the laughter from everywhere in the nation - particularly Ohio - where I hear ASU gear is pretty hot about now.

Thank you, Michigan, for choking so heavily and allowing Florida to pass you in the Top 25! Oh wait - how did the AP put it in today's headline? Something like "Thud! Michigan Drops Out of AP Top 25." Adios, pendejos.

I hate to gloat - but - not really - I love it!

Catch Up Lady

Dear Don,
I hate you.
Catch Up Lady

Dear Mr. Maddux,
Thanks for dropping by! Hope you all are doing well down in TN. :) Appy State just has to win 356 more games before snatching our title of winningest college football team in history. Let's touch base again in 2040...

Dear Jetpacks,
I look forward to never reading your blog again. You are dead to me.
Catch Up Lady


Catch Up Lady:

I am sorry you feel this way. I used to be bitter like you until I discovered God. Can I leave you a tract and invite you to accept Bo Schembechler as your personal lord and savior?

No? Then how about Urban Meyer?

Catch Up Lady

Smartass. :)

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