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August 17, 2007


Madame M

Don't ever go to Waikiki. You'll truly be livid: they have a small mall there that, while it's devoid of gates (going for the "natural breezes" type of a/c) is actually air-conditioned enough to get a significant part of Kalakaua Avenue icy-cold.

John Bell

I shake my head at the folks (who have no apparent handicap) who use the electric door-assist to swing the old-school doors wide open letting out gushes of cold air instead of using the revolving door or squeezing through the other door.

Catch Up Lady

Now that I pay attention I notice other stores in Georgetown doing this as well and it blows my mind.

Re: the revolving door, I don't think that people realize the difference between the two, or why it's better to use a revolving door. I've seen office buildings with small signs that say "Please help conserve energy - use the revolving door" which I think helps connect it for the numnuts. I have to admit, though, that I do it sometimes go through the "real" door without thinking, especially if there is someone coming in or out of it... I guess after this post I need to watch it!

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