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July 11, 2007



i was having this dilemna last i ended up watching E! I should have read a book instead. Good TV needs to make a comeback quick!!


Ohhh Catch Up Lady. You are SO correct. A few things to note:

1. Admittedly, I'm a SUCKER for American talent competitions. At least American Idol, America's Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance. Part of it is, well, THIS American DOESN'T have any talent, and a girl likes to dream. But here's the thing - did you by any chance catch SINGING BEE? That is, like, the worst, most painful show I have ever seen (and I'll watch pretty much anything). Between the awful singing, the awkward excitement over winning, um, a trophy?!?!? and Joey Fatones' embarassing dancing, well, I won't be watching that one again.

2. Law & Order Criminal Intent - OMG. That's the one where the dude knows EVERYTHING by seeing like a spot of blood on the wall. He's all "So, it looks to me like the attacker grabbed her, slow danced to 'when a man loves a woman,' twirled her like so, then pulled her across the room, ate a big mac, strangled her and then left and joined the marines." And then everyone is all like "WOW, you're the smartest EVER." Sick.

3. After overloading on Sally Field's Boniva commercials (ahem), I pay no attention to any celebrity endorsements. In fact, I swore I'd stop paying attention after leaving that part of my life at Octagon, but, well, Sally's just so ENGAGING!!1!1!

4. Don't get me started on I Love the 90's. It's terrifying. Reminds me of my college senior class president's speech putting us in awe that the people that were freshmen when we graduated were the class of 2006 (which seemed REALLY young at the time. good lord, i'm old). "The class of 2006 doesn't know the true joy of the slap bracelet. The class of 2006 doesn't know how to properly blow on a Nintendo game. The class of 2006 doesn't know the pain you felt when Ezekiel died of dysentery on Oregon trail." Ahh, the 80's. Let's stick with the 80's. More nostalgic and less "I'm totally getting old."

That's all, Catch Up Lady. How I Met Your Mother Season 3 or bust!!!

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