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July 11, 2007



I think you should be an artist rendering of the Technorati monster ala KW. You have no idea how much Technorati is driving me to drink today.

Oh and as one of those dorks in a sassy SEO cape, proceed with caution on Zuula (or Poola as I've been calling it). It's got kinks up the wazoo.


Aragonesque - What "kinks" with Zuula are you referring to? I personally find it incredibly useful. The blog search function is to die for, and it's also great for image search.


I generally use Zuula for a brief comparison to see who is pulling up the most robust results and then go to their actual service to do more narrow searches with authority, date, etc. (if that's even possible!).

I find it hard to rely on any one engine, even Zuula.

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