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June 05, 2007



My instant suspicion: Sony/BMG is getting the name Rick Astley back into circulation with this effort, in preparation for the release of a new Astley album. I refuse to watch this video as I will not introduce that song into my ears and have it stuck in my head all day. As it is, just reading this post has the crooning Rick going..."Never gonna give..never gonna give...never gonna give." Arrrrrgh.

Watch Sony/BMG closely.

Catch Up Lady

That was my first thought as well, though a little research into Rick Astley's website - reveals no such planned comeback... (and to add insult to injury their merchandising page loads an error instead of Rick Roll'd merchandise!).

According to the news section Rick is going to be getting out of his Sony/BMG contract and exploring other avenues...


OK, if not Sony - what about Rick himself?

Nice homework!

Catch Up Lady

Oh, Rick is totally behind this. What a weasel, I knew it the minute I saw his tiny shoulders swaying side to side in front of that chain link fence.


rick rolled flash cartoon:

Mister Hammer Roll

First Rick Rolled, and now HammerRolled! What next?

Actually, I think Rick Astley has got nothing on MC Hammer!

I actually like the song "U Can't Touch This" , and applaud the folks behind !

It's only a matter of time before people start saying, "You've been HammerRolled! "


go here>>its good

Jordan II Kicks

It is not enough to do good; one must do it the right way. Do you think so?

Staci Burruel

I remember the time when I was Rick Roll'd. Never expected this song to be viral on the web. I think majority of the internet dwellers at that time was Rick Roll'd a few times. Although this song is old, it's still one of the catchiest songs I know. Never gonna give you up~ never gonna let you down~ never gonna round around and desert you~.

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