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June 20, 2007



Personally? I hate them. I have a personal limitation of obsessing about only one brand of vodka's advertising. I was collecting Absolut ads before I even knew what Absolut was (what a sad, sad time). Score? Absolut: 10,000. Ketel One: 0. Sorry, Ketel One. This ad does suck.


Put me down for "hate." Seems rather evident they covet the simplicity of Absolut's campaign, but without anything really clever to do with it, they've settled for faux-clever snark.

Plus I'll usually go with Grey Goose before Ketel One.


I'll also vote for hate, if you're going to spend on ads like they do - you can afford to come up with something creative. Its also not my particular brand of vodka - I'm a Viking Fjord guy myself.

Mike @ GSMI

Personal tastes in vodka aside, I find the ads refreshingly creative. In a category that today seems to burst with visuals of eroticism and blatant brand placement I find the Ketel One ads witty. They blend nicely with the visuals they use on their delivery vehicles or should I say lack there of and I think speak highly of the target market they try to appeal to. You have to understand that its about reaching the target market and having people talk about your ads that is the true measure of success. Love them or hate them we are all talking about them, and that is one measure of success in advertising. Now whether that compels you purchase Ketel One at the store is another discussion. But it does put their brand at the forefront of your mind--which is valuable real estate in my book.

Catch Up Lady

I have to agree that the ads stand out far more than your average sexy, glossy liquor spot. A few people have already compared them to the Absolut ads, which are arguably one of the more successful campaigns of our time (behold maryland blue crab collecting them before she knew what vodka even was!). I might not always think the Ketel ads are witty or funny but I always read them, which makes them effective at the end of hte day imo. (Sidenote: I'm just too cheap to buy Ketel! I'm a Smirnoff girl, especially between paychecks!)

Aaron Brown

Advertising stinks.

Vodka is best for the $$$.

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Some find these ads simplistic, to the point and creative.

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