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June 04, 2007



It looks like a bunch of terribly shaped christmas cookies baked too close together. The tip of the second 2 looks like the little piece of cookie dough that's left over that you just throw onto the pan and let it turn into whatever it wants to turn into. And of course it ends up burned because, hello, it's much smaller than the rest of the cookies.

...or maybe that's too detailed?

Whatever. The logo is crap.


This logo is intended to inspire social, structural, and cultural change. Almost everyone wants to change the logo. I guess you start with the small things first and then build up. Maybe this strategy will work. No, not really.

Amelia Torode

Being a Brit in London the anger that is going on about this logo is incredible - so many spoofs, Facebook groups, online petitions.
Wolff Ollins are not talking to the presss...
On a positive side at least people are talking about design!


I like your stuff so cool..

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