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May 16, 2007


Geoff Livingston

It's pretty interesting. I wonder what parents would think. Who cares you might say, but aren't they the ones footing the bill? But then again, maybe Legal is betting that the kids pressure on the parents is more important.

Catch Up Lady

Great point Geoff, my guess is they're going for the YouTube demo (18 - 35's).

If that's their aim, I don't think it's THAT surprising they don't have it on their main page (because you're right, that could rub the older set wrong). Though like I said I was surprised there wasn't a microsite or MySpace tie in - a destination for the younger crowd.

Right now the view count is pretty low on most of the video sites (YouTube, Yahoo), so maybe this is just a flash in the pan on ad blogs. Better than most though!

Prime J

I like it and i don't give a damn what parents may think, as far as I am concerned there are too many over sensitive people along with baby boomers who are taking away all of the freedom I thought we fought for one of them being the 1st amendment, freedom of speech.

Zmajrom x

Jordan Accolades

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Regan Marye

Hmm... Legal Seafood seems to be targeting youtube audiences. The theme of the video seems to be much more attuned to the online youth; particularly those that frequent social media sites.

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