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May 22, 2007


Matt Haverkamp

This is starting to remind me of Snakes On A Plane except in this instance I think the actual end-product will be better. Wonder if fans will start to lose interest over time.

Catch Up Lady

Funny, I also had a Snakes on a Plane type deja vu with this! Maybe studios are finally figuring out how to create some of the hype that SoaP got organically.

I too wonder if it will lose steam or if they have enough gas in the tank to turn this viral push into a die-hard LOST-type craze around creative teasers for the loyal.

Tim Brunelle

Thanks for the recap, post and links. Smart, simple idea, indeed!


This is legendary. I don't know whether to be amazingly impressed or freaked out that someone sat down, figured this out, and then a whole world of people were nerdy enough to figure out that it necessitated a group effort. In any case, I'm just nerdy enough to realize that this is possibly the coolest viral campaign...ever...

Cowboy John

"Coolest viral ever"? "God Damn this is cool"? 42 Entertainment did a MUCH more interesting job with the latest Nine Inch Nails Album "Year Zero". Granted, they've still got lots of time to make something interesting out of this. But I'd HARDLY call this "hitting this out of the park".


Probably a dumb question - What does the 'truncate those hahaha's' mean? How do you do that?

Jeff Carlsen

The easiest way I found to truncate the text is to copy and paste all of the text into Notepad. Then go to Edit>Replace. In the find field, type "ha" (no quotes), and type absolutely nothing in the replace field. Then click replace all. Do the same thing again, only erase "ha" and type a single space.


God damn that's cool. I'm glad someone asked the truncate question :)

Catch Up Lady

Yup, I did the same thing you did in word. Highlighted all the text and copied over, then did Ctrl+F and Replaced Ha with nothing. :)

I'm keeping an eye on that see you in December URL. I'll bet they're going to do an ARG with this (based on 42's experience). Should be cool to see where it goes.

Joe Szabo

Tim --

Warner is simply doing what the Blair Witch Crew did back in 1997. The marketing team (the 2 film makers and a bunch of their friends) seeded a social phenomenon: did three university students disappear in the woods?

They used web mainly for 2 years to feed the phenomenon, then spread into print and cable TV, then national.

What cost them $35,000 to film and market ended up generating $241 million in tickets sales.

Now that's good.

While I do agree with Liz, the nine inch nails campaign was also a mere copy cat of the Blair Witch Project.


Simple, creative and entertaining, and I am not even a batman fan.


There was far more to the year zero experience than web promotion. There was real world interaction and clue drops that had to be use to open new web avenues( see for the recap). I think it is an evolution of what they did for blair witch. This will most likely be a similar experience. 42ent is all about the total immersion experience

Guy Parsons

42 Entertainment are a fantastically creative bunch, and I have to echo the thoughts of NoLifeKing and Cowboy John - for them, it isn't even that boundary-pushing. They've had people answering payphones in hurricanes, playing poker in graveyards, being sent into space (well, that's in a year or so, I think) and more besides!

The idea of 'viral marketing' in this context is a bit misleading, I think - it's not just marketing, it's entertainment! And what does 'viral' mean, really, apart from 'cool enough to tell your friends about'? I think these sort of experiences are more about extending the "source text" to create even more fun and intrigue, rather than just shilling for the main brand.


this new wave of marketing is answer to all the people who spend more time online then on T.V.


I heard somewhere that this was the next viral website

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