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May 01, 2007



I figured out why I like him. In the bus stop ad, he makes this frozen smile "please mommy" face that the camera holds on for two seconds. It is priceless in its cheesiness.

And now we learn from this video that "mommy is gone." The story gets deeper. The character development is intriguing.

I must disagree with you and suggest the Little Lad be awarded his own movie and sitcom.


Come to think of it - you protest too much. I think Little Lad has replaced Nicholas Cage for you.

Catch Up Lady

Oh my god. I just threw up in my mouth.

Nic Cage is ugly sexy. Little Lad is just... I can't even come up with adjectives for Little Lad.


He disturbs you because he reminds you of your lost self, that strange young English boy in you fighting to be heard. But you must accept him. He's needs to be out there. THE LITTLE LAD IS ALL OF US.

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