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April 24, 2007



That's a really good ad. Very, very interesting. A bit risky for Nike to get close to the controversy, but it seems to have worked.

As for Imus, I was never a fan. But it's interesting to realize that this whole thing was the result of fairly recent technology. Shelly Palmer wrote a pretty good essay about this:

It's an interesting read.


Catch Up Lady

I agree with you - while Imus' comments were indefensible, his ultimate demise had everything to do with the 24-hour on and offline news cycle.

I wonder how much the 24 hour, wall-to-wall coverage of issues on TV has to do with the internet. It seems as the internet/social media has proliferated the TV news shows are doing everything they can to stay relevant and timely and not get scooped. Generally this seems to involve assaulting us 24/7 with a story. (Anna Nicole Smith paternity case anyone?)

In this case the technology forced a very difficult conversation (per the Nike ad), but in other cases it can be total overkill. Either way, it's definitely something people have to be cognizant of - whether they are a politician, a talking head or an average citizen.

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