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April 12, 2007



Sicko. Stalker. Psycho.

As I told a commenter on that post (some stoner from California), the name of the blog is really tongue in cheek and does not speak to jetpacks alone. "Jetpack" is just a symbol for all the awesome goodness we were promised as children; a glorious future of peace and wealth and universal brotherhood, no death or sickness or strife. Heaven on Earth! (And sold to us by people like you and me - advertisers and marketers.)

But when we look around, it ain't here. Never will be. Utopia won't ever happen here. Too many haters out there bent on destruction.

I guess it's hardcore cynicism in that sense, but I will still be the first one in line when WalMart is selling cheap, reliable jetpacks.

And you aren't that lady in the rental car driving by my house, are you?

Catch Up Lady course I'm not the person outside your house.... (burns rubber down the street).

While you're sitting around waiting for utopia, and I'm waiting for my Jetson's car that flies, I'd totally settle for a world with no war. (That's it! I don't REALLY need a flying car God, do you hear me??) I wonder if us marketers can spin that into reality?

On that note, my dad had a mug when I was a kid that said, "Things to do today: 1) Stop the Arms Race, 2) Floss."

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