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March 05, 2007



This "Liz" friend of yours, she seems like the brightest of the bunch. If you don't admit to loving the "she totally walked out on her own wedding because she was conflicted about whether she was actually in love with the groom's best friend" drama, you are just fooling yourself. As "Liz" says, don't judge...especially before experiencing the amazingness that is What About Brian for yourself and then getting sucked into the magic.


I just don't find Barry Watson attractive. He has a huge forehead.

But that's not the reason I don't watch's just that the show's not catered to people like me. Too "Pretty White Kids With Problems" (TM MAD TV) for my tastes.


I'm with Liz on this one. I actually watched this show until the hot Italian guy died. Then, of course, I lost interest.

If we really want to talk about quality TV shows that were unjustly cancelled, let's talk about "My So Called Life." A piece of my heart died the day that show was taken off the air.

Catch Up Lady

I think a piece of Jared Leto's BRAIN died that day too, have you seen pics of him recently I'm, the goth convention called, you have to be back by 9.

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