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Biography of Kaitlyn R. Wilkins

The Catch Up Lady is me, Kaitlyn Wilkins, a 28 year old ketchup aficionado. I write about a lot of things on this blog - most of which revolve around four major themes - social media, ketchup, the state of Michigan, and random crap. My qualifications for talking about these topics are as follows:

Social Media
I am a Senior Strategist with Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence Group, where I create online word of mouth and influencer programs for a variety of consumer marketing clients including Quaker, Lipton, Lenovo and LG. I am also the creator of the Ogilvy PR Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics, which governs Ogilvy's outreach to online influencers. But, I don't just preach this stuff, I practice it - much to the annoyance of my closest friends who suffer through my ongoing fascination with any device that connects me to the Internet. I'm a blogger (clearly), I Twitter, I create video, I network on Facebook and LinkedIn, blah blah Flickr, blah blah, delicious, blah blah blah you get the point.

I am a self-proclaimed Heinz brand fan - and have been dipping stuff in ketchup since I was old enough to eat with my own hands (approximately 1981.) Yes I can tell the difference between Heinz and other ketchups. By sight.

The State of Michigan
Until 2006 I was a legal resident of the great state of Michigan. Great Lakes, Great Times! On my blog I tend to talk about things such as University of Michigan Football, Red Wings Hockey, Big Three Auto, activities on or near fresh water lakes, beef jerky, people with mullets and pretty much whatever else can be found in the lower peninsula.

Random Crap
I will blog about anything I can put a sarcastic or humorous spin on. I use parenthesis a lot (because they often represent my snarky aside to a post that could otherwise be considered marginally intelligent.) My most popular reoccurring series is called "The Crapper", which is a post where I string together several small shitty topics/thoughts into one unified post.

I love to talk. I especially love talking in front of big groups of people. I have conducted social media trainings for numerous clients and at Ogilvy offices around the world. I have also spoken on conference panels for PRWeek and PRSA. If you're interested in hearing me talk, drop me a line.

About This Blog
I started the Catch Up Lady in 2006 when I realized I had more to say than I could fit into an average day. Shocking. The Catch Up Lady is an honorable mention on the AdAge Power 150 and has been mentioned on hundreds of blogs including WIRED Magazine's Underwire blog, AdRants, and Wonkette. It has also been referenced in articles in The Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post's Express.

About Me
If you get this far down, congratulations stalker. I kid. Here are three things you may not know about me:

1) I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan but have lived on the east coast for the last 10 years - which means I both drink pop and pop my collar.

2) I have been unofficially proclaimed two things by my friends: Most likely to be found running a company at 35 with a baby on my hip and a can of Bud Light in my hand, and Most likely to operate a gang of Butterfly-sailing pirates and insist everyone "keep their fucking eye patch on." My Mom is super proud.

3) I graudated Wellesley College with honors and hold a BA in International Relations, with a concentration in transitioning and emerging markets. I was one really boring lab short of a minor in Geology. I am well versed in the theories behind the periodicity of mass extinctions, and remain casually interested in paleontology to this day.

1) HJ Heinz Co. is in no way affiliated with this blog - but I kind of wish they were.

2) The postings on the Catch Up Lady are my own and do not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.