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December 18, 2008


Stephanie Quilao

Woo-hoo! Blogging in the air! True, no more excuses to not answer email. However, you do get a nice person coming by with a drink cart, "Yes, may I have a bloody Mary mix on ice. Thank you!"


I dont know if Id love that or hate it.
for some reason Im still the luddite who adores disconnecting in the sky :)


John Rosen

Kaitlyn: I tried gogo on a coast-to-coast flight recently and, like you, was quite impressed with how similar it was to Wi-Fi here in my office. Emailing, surfing, and blogging while in flight make a lot of sense to me...and they are all far less rude thatn talking on the phone or generally foisting myself on the person in the next seat. Full disclosure: One of the mad geniuses behind gogo is a former partner of ours here at MCAworks. If you have any comments on the service, I know he'd like to hear from you. Here's his email:



congrats. that's really cool. and since i haven't done it yet, the novelty of air-WiFi is still pretty solid. (found you via DCBlogs)


@Steph and Carla - I love that you two ladies are the first to comment. What what. ;) The whole drink service while you blog thing DID kind of rock.

@John Thanks for stopping by - appreciate the responsiveness you guys are showing. It will please the social media echo chamber!

@F.B. I know, I'll stay pumped until they take away the free trials! ;) If they were really smart they'd give bloggers a free year or something...

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