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April 04, 2008



Thanks, hope you enjoyed the panel. My startup is, also known as TeeBeeDee.

Mme. Meow

How about the bloggers who are mothers, yes, but who are not "mommybloggers"?


Great recap. Glad to hear you got so much out of the weekend.

To answer Mme Meow - Marketers segment by demographic and content. So if you don't write about parenthood but, say, furniture restoration, then even though you're a mom, a diaper marketer won't be interested in you because as a publisher, your audience is more interested in hearing about natural wood varnishes. They're not trying to reach you as a consumer, but you as an opinion leader.

Catch Up Lady

@Mme Meow - And the disconnect (at least from where I sit w/ co-workers and clients) is that people tend to want to lump "mom bloggers" into one demo irrespective of what they are actually talking about. Hence the awful pitches and press releases getting sent to everyone and their mother (no pun intended...)

@Mom101 - It was a great weekend, reinforced a lot of the work we do in Digital Influence and gave me some great ammo to use in training. Great to meet you - I've been following you on Twitter, and I. Love. Rock of Love. How could you NOT watch it?!

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