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April 10, 2008


David Armano

Uh, this post pretty much captures the good, the bad and the ugly that was Blogger Social 08.

I still can't believe how quickly Sean's shirt came off. Impressive.

Paul McEnany

Fucking awesomeness. Where did that we sang photo come from?

Cam Beck

ROFL!!! Love it. I thought we were out late. But Armano & Co. beat us by a couple of hours, it looks like.

Yvonne DiVita

And I missed it all. Glad you all had fun and got to meet each other. Hope I can be there next time. (yes, I'm whining big time...for being too busy to sign up in time!)

Sean Howard


Awesome recap. Love the lorem ipsum over the infamous duo!

Let me just say that a quick strip velcro outfit is ridiculously expensive but worth it.


Catch Up Lady

@armano - no joke. Was going to blur out his who-has, but didn't have time or creative capabilities

@Paul - they're from my secret stash. Most were totally repetitive of the flickr gallery - but I'll send link.

@CamBeck - Yeah, my head hit pillow at 6:30am, I just recovered yesterday.

@Craphammer - I couldn't agree more

Catch Up Lady

Oh, and that pic of me shooting tequilar is EASILY the worst picture I've ever taken

Chris Kieff

You noticed of course that the Catchup Thief is a faker- the straw is dry!

Fantastic meeting you! Next year I'll do the 3 AM bit with you too. Couldn't do it this time- too close to home. ;-(


Scott Monty

Damn. I clearly hung out with the wrong crowd.

David Armano

@catchuplady the picture of you with lime and sour puss is nearly as bad as WTF attempt at adolescent look for prom shot. I look like a totally different person. Not in a good way either.

@scott yeah, next time hang with us. We'll get you to bed by breakfast time...

Catch Up Lady

@Chris - I have a similar shot, the ketchup is 3/4 the way up, I couldn't go all the way.

@Scott - how did you not peg us as the crowd to be with from the beginning?!

@armano - Your WTF and my sour puss are our alter egos.

Mack Collier

Hilarious. Just when I thought nothing new could be said about BS08, CatchUpBabe hits a home run. That's hella better than a damned Hummer made of butter, IMO.

Doug Meacham

Pictures are really worth thousands of words although "We Came, We Sang, We Sucked" speaks volumes. Fantastic!

Amanda Gravel

I just LOLed. Photos tell quite a story. It was awesome to meet you! Hopefully I'll see you in Boston this weekend.

Saul Colt

ummm...I think I should have spent more time with you. While i had an amazing time at BS08 I think you had an even better one :)


C.B. Whittemore

Kaitlyn, what a terrific story you tell here! Love it! Great meeting you at BS and BlogHer.

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