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March 29, 2008



I also drive a MINI and have executed exquisite parallel parking jobs. One time, I parked, got out, and saw that my front and back bumpers were touching (on a molecular level) the cars in front and behind me.


Wow. You ARE a parallel parking ninja! Most impressive.

Catch Up Lady

@JJ - totally hilarious. My most impressive park to date had the back bumper touching and with about 2 inches on the front bumper. Do you find getting in is much easier than getting out? I can go in in one motion, but getting out I'm like Austin Powers.

@Iacochran - Thanks!


I once had a friend visiting from Europe, where parking in her city is also at a premium, tell me that I am "an exquisite parallel parker" and have an "amazing sense of proximity"! Sadly, I drive a Honda CR-V.

Still, not everyone can parallel park. It's truly a gift!

Here's a picture you'll appreciate:


Isn't the Smart ForTwo about half the size of a Mini?

Catch Up Lady

@Justing - Are they actually available for delivery yet? The only one's I've seen around town still have European plates on them. When they get here, they will be shortest on market though. :)

Used Cars Dave

Bingo! That's why Europeans, with their more compact cities and narrower streets, drive much smaller cars (and almost never an SUV!). I just returned from Budapest, and on most streets in the city they park with two wheels on the sidewalk, so that even on narrow streets they can park on both sides.


The Europeans do have the smaller cars which may be a heaven to park on the side of the road, but what about the cars which let loose hell while on the road?

Honestly, can any car compare to the Pontiac G8 GXP, Solstice Coupe?

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