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January 12, 2008


Virginia Miracle

I have started getting a lot pickier about what I will and won't install on Facebook. I have also started judging the friends who are app-promiscuous and allowing their new applications to spam me with requests.

My love of Facebook is also on the wane. It was so exciting to unearth all these old friends and now that that thrill has passed.

Catch Up Lady

I know exactly what you're talking about - for instance I wanted to take an LOTR quotes quiz off of someone's NetFlix app, but to do so I had to install the app and give them all my info, etc. Not worth it (though I continue to heart LOTR, and will quiz myself mentally on related quotes).

I love finding old friends, and being found, but beyond that I'm getting really choosey. If a friend's Super Wall is asking for personal info, I just PM instead. Unfortunately for every person like you and I that is selective about what we interact with there are 5 others who proceed with no care in the world...and thus the abusive relationships will continue. Someone call Gill Grissom!

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