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August 27, 2007


Jon Eick

I love the premise...rather than try and make a viral video from scratch, latch on to the already successful viral stars. It's win-win, since most of those guys know their 15 minutes will be up pretty quickly, and probably want to profit off of it.

Catch Up Lady

Eick, I totally agree. There is a business plan in here for SURE.

(But if anyone reads this and takes my plan and profits I will hunt you using your ISP address which my stat counter is tracking at this moment - they do it on Law & Order... I will find you!)

OH, and Eick - you called down the thunder with your anti-ketchup tirade on - you're in the cross hairs buddy.


Or just do a real quick take-off on the hottest thing this week. The SC girl, (whom I actually feel sorry for) would be pretty easy to send up.

Catch Up Lady

I mean, I guess my whole proposition comes down to taking what SNL and Best Week Ever do every week for laughs and turning it into moola.

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