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March 27, 2007



I want Milo dead. We got hooked last year and have been renting older seasons - backwards. We are now on our last season - number 1 - and Milo is in it as some double earringed granola eating freelancer. Where did he go for five years and why did they bring him back? I want Jack to cut off his little pencil moustache before he slowly kills him.

And PLEASE let Audrey's death be real. Last thing we need is to find out she's alive in a Chinese prison.

Catch Up Lady

In those 5 years Milo apparently married and divorced Chloe, though we had no knowledge of that until this season. (natch).

You KNOW Audrey is not really dead, that would be way too easy. Audrey will rise again (because her other show got cancelled...)


Jack Bauer for president.

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