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March 19, 2007


Kevin Price

Awesome site and great comments. I discuss the early entrance of candidates into this race at my blog, I like your post.


But where are the 18-25 crowd spending a lot of time? MySpace.

Impressions are what James Carville and his ilk are after. They know the voting populace is by and large a bunch of morons who vote shallow. Get in front of them enough times and they mght remember you at the polls.

As for Cheeto stained fingers kids voting, I'd rather not see it. I even think there should be a test to see if a voter has the mental capacity to even understand what it is they're voting for. Look around at the DMV. Yeah - those people might be voting.

We're dumbed down to the point of meltdown. A spot like the Hillary Big Brother thing can actually have an effect. People are stupid. Americans more than most.

and...cease rant.

Catch Up Lady

I think the cheeto/DMV contingent are the ones responsible for old "W"!!

The front page of one of the UK rags the day after the 2004 elections was something like, "How can 58 million people be so stupid?"


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